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The boys of country glory 32 Below epitomize the genre through infectious melodies, sing-a-along harmonies, and sophisticated guitar play that would make any girl at the bar throw her dancing cowgirl shoes on. From gamed Fargo, North Dakota, they’ve already graced the stage with country music royalty from Little Big Town to Keith Urban, and from Montgomery Gentry to The Band Perry. Avid fans know them their vibrancy – whether they’re singin’ about dancing, drinking, or the occasional break up, you’re having a two-stepping good time.

32 Below’s recent effort Every Little Thing About You is no exception to their year-long high. What feels like a summer-worthy album makes for cheerful listening even this winter. The album opens up with squeaky clean, Jason Aldean-esque “You, Me, & the Whiskey.” Toss in that third wheel and you two are always in for a great night. At least these boys believe it wholeheartedly. The track sets things up on an uptempo and doesn’t fizzle anytime through the album’s runtime. It’s as Top 40 as an artist can get.

The track title “Every Little Thing About You” shows hints of CMT and Disney Radio friendliness alike.  It’s the type of song outdoors-y venues are made for, while 10,000 beers are raised in the air. Citing “tailgate down” and “the 4th of July,” and incorporating dance-ready fiddle sections, this clap-along is pure country fare. Put this on blast in the car or when you have company over for a drink…or ten.

“Songs on the Radio” embodies the craft of country storytelling, detailing road trips and seeing lady love for the first time with elaboration. You can’t even drive passed an interstate sign without mentioning it but 32 does so with effect. Still, despite the rousing highs and rounds of drinks, the boys of Below are at their best when recalling love stories, whether the wounds are fresh or not. After all, what’s a country album without a little heartache? “We Were Young” and “Someone New” drowns them in this territory with the latter even offering a unique approach to infidelity: “I found someone too…” Two can definitely play that game.

Barely a track goes by that doesn’t have an allusion to alcohol (other song titles include “Cheer to This Bar,” Drinks for You,” “What Did We Do Last Night,” “Raise It Up”), and, despite their affinity for the bottle the band never comes across as inauthentic in order to provide a good time. They are a good reminder to what country music can be without the direct bubblegum-flavored pop music crossover.

While 32 Below doesn’t add to the genre or separate themselves from a mix of Middle America musicians, the 40 minutes you spend with them on this record are enough to warrant multiple listens to “Every Little Thing About You.” The boys’ latest release is meant to be listened while downing a few Coronas with good company, getting over a breakup that isn’t your fault, or laying underneath the summer sun or stars. Just be sure to listen responsibly.

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Erman Baradi