Arjun drop new CD entitled “Space”


Arjun drop new CD entitled “Space”

Arjun are: Eddie Arjun Peters (guitar), Lamar Myers (drums), and Andre Lyles (bass),

Multi-talented band Arjun headed up by guitarist Eddie “Arjun” Peters is plowing a row for themselves as an independent band in a field where having a unique and distinctive sound is becoming increasingly uncommon. This is one unit that can rock thunderously with driving rhythms that will shake you out of your seat then quickly downshift into low and display sensitive, evocative playing with their soulful emoting. The group’s raw, guitar driven grooves and energy creates a big sound but with no frills. Audiences identify and respond to this energy. For them, it is truly a cathartic experience. 

On these latest 8 songs on “Core” let me go on record by saying these 3 guys deliver what I can only describe as good Jam music. It has flavorings of instrumental full tilt Funk, with a rocking feel, but, perhaps surprisingly the primary focus lately has not been impressive playing. I mean have you listened to the radio lately? Many around me feel the same way and million are beyond disgruntled.

The First Track “Rocks” has an amazing feel becoming almost hypnotic in places. The dynamic rock textures of this band are especially evocative. “Deep Impact” is one of the longest songs on the CD, lending it more of straight-up in your face spacey-rock feel, but it could hardly be called laid back when it’s built around Peter’s explosive, highly confident guitar at the sonic center. Peters is the primary her. He has my respect and reminds me of: Johnny Winter, Otis Rush, Allman Brothers Band, B.B King, Roy Buchanan and Walter Trout. Those are some impressive names. All 8 tracks are as smooth as cognac. On “Core” one will notice a particularly steady-thrumming bass line that adds firmness and tension. CD ends of a solid notes with my favorite song “Alchemy” and “Within You.”

These latest tracks by Arjun are a glory-full return to full tilt blues with a terrific rhythm section underpinning some terrific playing from all involved. Arjun are three New York  natives who has played numerous shows around the region. Check out “Core” via the below link:


The Bottom Line: Arjun are well-suited for audiences that enjoy all the typical conventions of Rocking Blues. I feel there’s a disgruntled audience out there just waiting for him to arrive (past New York) with open arms.

– Frank Acevedo. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes