Automatik Eden – Gold to Straw (EP)


Automatik Eden – Gold to Straw (EP)

Multi-talented Members, David Crocco and Cela Scott Developed the Band While Working Behind the Scenes with Top Acts from Eminem and Beck to Incubus. Looking back, visually speaking, Automatik Eden has a lot to offer.

Both Cela and Dave have put a lot of thought and effort into both their personal and stage appearance. “We felt we didn’t want to come off as just another jeans and t-shirt band,” says Cela. “And besides that, it’s fun!” When it comes to their live show, the duo generates a huge sound. It’s the perfect combination of organic and electronic. “I am sure we will, at some point, perform with a full band but right now, it’s great to experiment!” says Dave. “We’re learning a lot and it’s exciting…and the audience seems to pick up on it!” They’re still at the duo-project stage but really coming out on the organic side, which begs for more of the heavier side of what they do, which calls for more instruments rather than machines. This is a review of their latest EP, which contains some remixes, and for an EP that is a bit of annoyance but takes nothing away from the awesomeness. Industrially strong songs are what this release mostly deliver. But it has a more playful side it just pushes sexual these to the brink, but a lot better and somehow more accessible than more youthful oriented acts of the day try to be. This isn’t for the kids, and done more suggestively than outright graphically.  Getting off that subject and more into the substance in which the music actually carries over its stylish qualities, there is a lot of fantastic potential here to go great distances. Gold To Straw is a masterful example that they’re professionals of the top order in their class. They also go where others have gone before, others such as Radiohead, Oasis and The Verve, mostly sounding influenced by 90s dance rock such as Nine Inch Nails. I can’t comment as well concerning the remixes because they’re meant to appeal to those already following, to which I might just find myself doing, especially if they get into producing full album releases. Other tracks worth noting are Cintadel, and Girlfriend.

If they do advance into full on rock world will be interesting to see, but I wouldn’t hold my breath nor would it hurt Automatik Eden any because they’re already first class in their respective combination of genre’s. Along with the picture of some occasional flashes of psychedelia, they have a winning ticket. I just hope they produce a full length LP and completely crossover to either side in which they land.

Larry Toering