Bad Bad Roxanne Rocks the Electronics


bad-bad-roxanne-light-flows-from-the-backdoors-reviewBad Bad Roxanne are a electronic-synth band who adds a little rock to their atmosphere to bring to life songs that are for listeners enjoyment and also to send a real life message. “Sandy Hook (In Loving Memory Of Sandy Hook Elementary Victims)” is of course for those affected by the tragedy that happened at the Connecticut school at the end of 2012. To lighten the mood here, Bad Bad Roxanne have a cover you should check out. It’s not surprising they took on the Eurhythmics’’ “Sweet Dreams.” The original is this almost devious sounding track and Bad Bad Roxanne’s is as well. Only they have modified it to sound almost futuristic and sci-fi. When you aren’t being entertained by their one off singles, you can check out their record “Light Flows From The Backdoors.” The album starts off with a track that does a good job at capturing you right away; “Empty.” Sprinkled about the rest of the record are slower tracks like “So Cold,” the Orgy like “Promises” and very electronic ways of “Exhausted.” If you’re into electronic music that has substance, check out Bad Bad Roxanne. (

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