BFD Jam It Out


BFD Jam It OutBFD is a jam band who takes their instrumentation very seriously, and it pays off. “Consider Me Gone” is a slow jam, it’s all about the build up taking its time to get into the swing of things. It’s clear as soon as you get to “500 Miles High” that this band is all about the musicianship over anything else. Each member shines with their given instrument, but hats off to the guitarist on this one. “Feeling Allright” gets to the singing a little earlier than what’s come to be expected from this smooth jam band. Then you have “The Lick” which is something you’d come to hear in a hotel lounge on a busy night. The music would set the mood and the pace of the evening; good vibes and better times. Then the band gives us their interpretation of the classic track, “Ain’t No Sunshine.” They pull it off well; of course putting their mark on it with a lot of musical element added in. “People Make The World Go Round” is a song you’d likely be heard on a park stage. It invites people in and is one of those songs that can make a group of strangers friends. If you’re into jam bands that play it cool, check out BFD. (