Brent Daniels – Party at the End of the Road

Brent Daniels – Party at the End of the Road

Brent Daniels – Party at the End of the Road


This is the sort of song that will get Brent Daniels even more over with his target audience in anticipation of his upcoming second album. “Party at the End of the Road” and the video that he’s filmed to go along with it package up this single as a monumental blast of good time country rock capable of widespread commercial success. It does what the best songs do, tap into universal experiences and set them to compelling music, and the video staging underlines that with an exuberant performance from Daniels, his fellow musicians, and coterie of beautiful backing vocalists. He takes on a direct and highly effective approach to presenting the song in video form – Daniels and the band occupy a soundstage and simply show viewers what the ideal Brent Daniels live show looks like from the audience’s vantage point. It makes for exciting viewing.

The idea driving the song is simple. “Party at the End of the Road” doesn’t make any bones that it’s an outright love song about the fun to be had cutting loose on a weekend night and all the resulting mischief that can ensue. Daniels’ vocal gets the subject matter with every bit of the attitude and energy that any eighteen year would bring to the song and it makes a big difference that he’s got a voice capable of getting this song over despite the obvious youth appeal. He tears into the phrasing of individual lines with great relish and seems inspired to keep up with the rampaging lead guitar and hammering drums. It’s a song that never overstays its welcome, as well, and the focus Daniels brings to cuts like this is one of the most defining features of Daniels’ debut Every Road Has a Turn.

The video production and staging achieves the same effect. Having Daniels prowling the stage from side to side and constantly engaging his fellow band members’ makes for a thrilling presentation and the band members bolster his efforts to get over its energy level. The jumpy editing of the video seems almost timed to the musical swagger that it gets off and there’s no question that Daniels, physically, is keyed into what’s going on musically. The song isn’t necessarily representative of the music on Every Road Has a Turn, but Daniels isn’t averse to engaging in a rollicking good time and there’s little question that this song represents his finest efforts in that vein you’ll hear on the debut. There’s little question, however, when you hear the talent going into this performance that the future holds even greater accomplishments in store for Daniels and his fans. “Party at the End of the Road” is going to get over massively with its target audience and there’s no question that Daniels is a performer who has tremendous skills and knows exactly what listeners are craving.


Joshua Stryde