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Danny Nardini 

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Hip hop’s newest sound is the angst fueled flows of Upstate New York artist Danny Nardini. Danny’s inspiration comes from the burning desire to rectify his family’s break up and spiral downward into poverty. At the age of 14, he was working to support his mother, younger sister and younger brother. Discovering the power of music and rhyme was the pathway out of darkness for his soul and maybe for his family. Emotions born from the harsh realities he faced fill Danny’s lyrics and rhythms with a fierce presence that can’t be denied.

“Don’t Act” is the single from The Major Moves EP, and don’t fight your way through life saying what you don’t mean, is the lighthearted but serious message. It’s fun from the get go, but make no mistake this isn’t a pop tune, it’s much more. “Fierce” can only mildly describe what’s boiling under the surface of this rapper-singer extraordinaire. To get a feel for this single you can always do some other tracks first. “Zeros” is a fine place to start, with its more effects-driven rap. It takes you down a much harder road than “Don’t Act” but it’s all tied together very well.
This is a single that carries its own weight on every level. As opposed to tracks like “Flossin’” which get a lot more explicit in the lyrics. This is tame compared to some of the other stuff, but it has become a clever ball game to weave the right lyrics through a song, still leave some adult lingo and get away with it from either side of that fence. One will complain it is too much, others will complain that it’s not enough. You can’t please everyone, so Danny makes an-effort to keep them separated just enough for jazz.

He gets a little swanky but nothing appalling unless you’re looking for something entirely different. He’s telling his lady where to get off in this, to nip talk over action in the bud, and to be doing what she’s saying. This isn’t foreign to rap, hip-hop and R&B, and you’ll even find entire rap albums based around this subject. But it’s also not even an issue if you know what you like. This is a win win for a new artist from the NYC area to break out with, and I don’t doubt it will be heard far and wide by lovers of everything from romantic music to rap and roll. It has an equal combination of soulful crooning and incendiary rhyming.

In-fact this might even turn heads from here too who knows where, if it gets the right amount of circulation. His first video from this EP has thousands of views, so he’s making his name known, and with this single it could be that break after all. But what is a break these days. As long as you’re circulated far and wide, it’s more of a journey making your way through this musical jungle we are now living in. Danny Nardini is a substantial solution in a sea of swimmers, most of which never get past the first wave. Rap on brother, rap on.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-gkt4DaXTE

Elvin Graham