Dave Bailin and the Bailouts


Dave Bailin and the Bailouts

URL: http://www.davebailin.com

(Salem, Massachusetts) Dave Bailin and the bailouts just released their latest 9 track self-titled CD. Band members include:  Dave Bailin (Guitar, Harmonica), Eric Reardon (Lead Guitarist), Steve Peabody (Drums), Steve “The Bullet “Burke (Bass). Dave As a boy, Dave was exposed to a wide array of Blues, 50’s rhythm and blues and 60’s and 70’s classic rock by his post-Woodstock “cool” parents. The first instrument he chose was the harmonica which led quickly to electric guitar.

As a teen, he excelled in vocational school as well as establish himself as the “go to guy” when it came to blues and rock guitar. He wrote his first song “Rachel” at the age of 15! In his twenties, Dave would work all day in the machine shop building parts for pace makers while his nights were spent as a rock musician. He landed a weekly gig as the open mic host at “The Sportsman’s Lodge” in Newburyport. He would also become known for his long running and current stint as host of the “In a Pigs Eye open mic” in Salem. Right from the start Bailin stands out from other bands in a good way within this overly saturated market. His answer to mundane music is to deliver something unique, and powerful full of mystery and soul. In this overly saturated market with a plethora of Do it Yourself artists coming out of the woodwork, armed with nothing more than a PC, Microphone, a guitar and a crappy sounding CD – it’s nice to know there are a few artists out there that can still deliver music and playing that will make your jaw hit the floor while plucking your heart strings at the same time. These new artists I speak of manage push their music out to the world and much of it is, do I dare say substandard in nature. So enter a band like Dave Bailin and the Bailouts: your typical Blues-Rock-Americana, glasses wearing East Coast rock-nomad who will remind you of Professor Longhair, Levon Helm, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Widespread Panic. What do those bands have that Bailin don’t? Not much if you ask me save the multi million dollars promotional machines and major record label support. Bailin and his red hot band break the mold with his classic 70’s sound and amazing movements that will mesmerize both the novice and advanced listeners alike. The first 2 tracks “Satisfactory” and “tell” are shall I say delivers a compelling narrative style singing and songwriting that  has deep seeded classic rock roots but also possesses elements of Americana, classic New Orleans style jazz, fusion and straight up rock n’ roll many adore. Many of these tracks “No You don’t”, “Plans” and “Voodoo Man” have a solid feel to them while “Little ways” might tug on your heart strings a bit.

The playing skills of these 4 are all over the map but manage to never cross into “freak show” territory. The solo guitar work from Eric Reardon is off the hook good. Balin has a great soulful voice and can play Harmonica like nobody’s business. Dave Bailin may not have the greatest Baritone in the world but it’s like a drug, and with his arsenal of experiences he gently takes you by the hand and leads you down an impassioned 9 track journey. Apparently there are still a few bands out there that believe in playing music the way it is meant to be played.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcqpKuzj8jw

by William Young