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Dizzy Box Nine

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Randy Ludwig heads up Dizzy Box Nine with searing guitars and pop-laden vocals on Electric Illusion’s twelve little pieces of pop rock perfection. It’s a bit of a throwback to when garage and surf started to influence the 60s and turn into what the Beatles perfected. I’m not sure it will have that same impact on everyone, but when you get right down to it, there aren’t any bad songs on this album. They’re all interesting, eclectic, and just downright good. It’s refreshing to see Dizzy Box Nine spark some new life into rock music again. You may not get another chance to hear something quite like this for a while…probably until they release their next record, so grab it and enjoy it while you can.

The opener “Open Up To Me” flies off the rim and leaves you with no choice but to start digging it. “Infectious” is not the quite the word for it, “super-infectious” just might have to do. Dizzy Box Nine doesn’t hold back one single note on this fast-paced rocker. It doesn’t just make you move, it makes you look on the sunny side of life for a few minutes. It makes you want more out of life. It inspires you to believe again. As a musician, you have to show your listeners you “mean it” from the get-go, and “Open Up To Me” is the best way to do it. The next track “Oh Yeah” keeps you moving and makes you want to listen to it over and over again.  The guitars are catchy, and the break in the middle of the song is top-notch.  Another standout is “Good”. If I had to choose one best song on the album, this is it. It is the brightest of the bunch, and continues to shine long after the song has ended. Then there’s “When I Look At You” with its incendiary guitar and drum fills that seem to spar without taking the entire track over.  There’s also the catchy and inspirational gem “Fantasy”. In it, Randy declares, “Ships that sail my friend, don’t come back the same again, I’ll take you anything you need”.  It’s the kind of goodness this entire record seems to be made of. Other standouts include “Crazy Superstar”, “Adeline”, and “Samantha”.

With Electric Illusion, Dizzy Box Nine shows that rock can be fun and interesting again. It’s hard not to like this band. They’re simple and pure.  They’re melodic and bright. They’re fun and clever.  In a word, inspirational.

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Randy Jones