Dwayna Litz – I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again


Dwayna Litz – I’m the Girl I Used to Know Again

URL: http://www.dwaynalitz.com/

You can tell by listening to real “good” music by the “keep it real” impression it makes on the world and by the footprint it leaves behind. Sometimes it can come out in a passionate vocal line, a social movement, or a song that is sung with emotional bewilderment. The collection of songs featured here by Dwayna Litz is a non-stop presentation of mainly vocal-pop but also rhythm and blues, soul and traces of Jazz and even country-americana. Making use of every production and instrument in the book, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like on this 10 track collection.

The first track “Yes I Would” gets things started right full of intoxicating vocals that really keep the essence of the music hopeful and pure. Sometimes you don`t need too much to create something high quality and overly complicated to ne powerful. I’ve often heard the term “Keep it Simple Stupid”. Keeping this in mind there’s no over the top musical theatrics here with a conservative rhythm section and immense variety of instrumentation throughout. My ears pricked up to the unique and somewhat spiritual vocal style of Litz right away. Track 2 “Cry ike a Baby” delivers a catchy offering. Add in a few clairvoyant and wise-woman lyrics and some intriguing subject matter expressed with eloquently, emotion and conviction and you will come to understand why this artist is clearly growing in popularity.

The vocal style of Litz defiantly flows like a ship lost at sea, and I’ve only heard a handful of singer execute this style well in this type of music. Because there aren’t any lyrics most people fail to understand this style of music. Despite this all songs have messages worthy of your attention but you listen more than once to pick up on it. All in all it’s a yet creative gamut of songs. Mix is a bit dated sounding to me but hey it works. “Place in the Road” and “All I Meant to Say” is another standout tracks not to be underestimated with musical psychedelics and a distinctive voice for the masses to consume. Most songs are about themes of love, life, hope, joy, Truth, transformation, resurrection and a bit of religious conviction. Some track like “I Forgive You” And the title track have a real ring of truth to them. Litz is a breath away from top tired Contemporary Christian music – which is a compliment. Swaying between older pop and smooth vocal jazz-blues Litz proves herself yet again and is a rather unique talent in the hands of a capable Producer.

The production is adequate however I wish it was more modern sounding. Musical flavoring reminiscent of Martina McBride, Wynona Judd, The Judds, Sara Brightman, Tanya Tucker and Jessica Simpson.

Dwayna Litz has all the component necessary for a popular vocal-pop act. These songs are probably even better in a live setting – a big component necessary to be a popular act. I wouldn’t call her just pop – there’s so much more. All of above makes an established act like Dwayna Litz stand out even more in a world of soulless musical clutter lacking soul, hope an genuine substance.

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– Howard Riggelman