Elle Casazza – Proof


Elle Casazza – Proof

URL: http://www.ellecasazza.com/

Elle Casazza diversifies the pop scene with her own refreshing and authentic blend of jazz, soul, funk and pop rhythms that are seamlessly crafted into her songs. Elle’s commanding vocals, defying songwriting and versatile approach produces infectious and timeless music that garners fans worldwide. Hailing from Chicago, Elle began singing and performing when she was eight years old.

After learning how to play the piano and guitar, it wasn’t until college when she started writing her own music. Elle’s eclectic lyrical style has been considerably influenced by classic artists such as Amy Winehouse, No Doubt, Stevie Wonder and Queen. The Proof is in the pudding of these songs and they all check out on their own plateaus for a full-length release that you can’t find one minute of filler on. But that also begs the question why isn’t Elle a lot more popular by now. That can more than likely be found in a genre that has become chock full of schlock from most churning out the same recycled stuff. Elle offers a lot more under the surface of the modern pop artistry. This is done by pulling no musical punches and leaving an honest, warts and all collection of tracks. The most compelling being a song called “You.” But that’s not all, as it site somewhere between a variety of soul, funk and pop-driven pieces that don’t fins any way to disappoint. Starting with “Hey” which is probably the best choice of these cuts to open with. Not that it’s the strongest track, it sets up the overall mood of the disc. Nothing too heavy-handed, this isn’t Janis Joplin, nor is she a Katy Perry of the time. She puts the music first and that’s the most evident element to grasp about her. She pleads about it in this one track alone, that if not listening then forget about it. Her lyrics explain it all with no lack of comprehension. “Save Me” picks right up where that leaves off, with a fun-loving track to cruise onto other territory. She asked to be saved but still doesn’t need the likes of drama in the process. Hard to hold is the message, but not without the same flaws we all come with. This is one hundred percent enjoyable, and shows what Elle Casazza is made of in every way. A funky progression needs no gloss, so it’s edges and all here, on what is a pretty-smooth listening experience. It goes well in contrast with “Too Bad” which is a reggae charged song with some cool horn and keyboard interplay, with the same lyrical points he makes heavy use of to a great effect. “Cooking” is another hot spot, with a lot going for it but not as rocking as the following track “Last Word’ which is more like it for what she’s doing.

This gets her back to the dance groove and comes along with some good guitar-work. It stands somewhere between hardcore dance music and pop rock. Being soulful and jazzy doesn’t spoil the arrangement either. And for being straight-forward that’s a stretch, but it ends well. That brings it to the best on offer with “You” taking the prize, but closing with the hypnotizing question that askes ‘Isn’t It Good” and the answer is a resounding yes.

BANDCAMP: https://ellecasazza.bandcamp.com/album/proof

Mike Tabor