Gerard Singh – “Crazy”


Gerard Singh – “Crazy”

Gerard Singh –

Malaysian born singer/songwriter Gerard Singh is an unlikely pop star. In our age of idols and divas, we’re accustomed to seeing an endless procession of interchangeable people peddled as products, but Singh offers something much different. After establishing himself as a regional star often playing to capacity crowds, Singh is exporting his highly individual artistry to a larger audience.

It’s hard, fifty plus years into the history of modern pop music, to write a song entitled “Crazy” without lapsing into cliche’, but Gerard Singh defies the odds. The lyrics address the disorienting effects of bearing witness to a changing world and suggest an autobiographical point of view. The light, nicotine-stained grit in Singh’s voice is ideal for his literate, often subtle, lyrical content and strike a thrilling contrast with the layered accompaniment. String sections swell with crescendos, intensely rhythmic percussion gives the song tremendous drive, but at the center, Singh’s acoustic guitar gives “Crazy” its spine and his vocal, an emotive plea for clarity and security, is the song’s highlight.”Crazy” is a beautifully crafted piece. Gerard Singh, with high production values to take it all the way into the cosmic territory it goes. This is one amazing track full of infectious tomes throughout. The backing music is an exquisite number that allows the vocals to breathe and the clearly well sung lyrics to jump out at the listener, as he asks himself the same question most people do at one point or another in life. It starts and ends well, but everything in-between really fills out with a string section that pops in and out with perfection as the track builds. Everything from subtle acoustic guitar to occasional electronic reliance is explored here for music lovers of every genre to catch wind of. It doesn’t matter if you love the blues, folk, rock, EDM, pop, soul, and more. This song seems to have it all and then some. It’s no wonder Gerard has been nominated for two AIM awards in the past, and this single begs for another run at such accolades, and I hope it does. It’s an excellent song that you will not be able to take out of rotation, undeniably awesome in every way. I can listen to this in my sleep, it’s just so easy to love. If you ask, well, how is a middle-aged man’s song about aging relevant to me, you are forgiven. The answer is simple. You don’t have to live in his experience to appreciate it. This song has its meaning for Singh, but like any great song, “Crazy” is elastic and resonant on multiple levels. This is an alluring, idiosyncratic work accessible to any listener.

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