High Octane Brings High Energy


High Octane ReviewHigh Octane brings the rock but does is in a classic yet hard way. We kick this off with two devil horns raised high in the sky for the rock being brought with “Behemoth” featuring Greg Vizina of Dying Empire. The music pulsates as the lyrics are laid out for headbangers to go wild. Then we get a funky metal intro with “Dankenstein.” This one doesn’t have such a metal feel though once things get kicked into gear. It falls on that hard rock spectrum but a little more like a Hinder. As we roll on “Bat Outta Hell” brings back that adrenaline, but again the vocals are crisp and clear. I like that though. I like audible music and if you do too, then this is the heavy music you’ve been looking for. Rounding out this rocking review is “Free.” Here we get a track that really knows how to drive a band home. You can definitely hear this as an encore song in a set, just listen and agree within seconds. If you’re a rocker who likes to understand what’s going on, check out these Southern guys now. (http://www.reverbnation.com/highoctanerock)