This is a debut release in which an Italian female-fronted alternative rock band emerge with a self-titled release which competes with Lacuna Coil and Evanescence, along with most any gothic rock around.

Federica Sara Falletta is a singer of all of the qualities of the past, present and future with a volcanic performance backed by an equal sonic guitar attack. It stands up against any debut album for only being an EP. And that says a lot, as I would usually be down on that, but not with this band, as it keeps up a standard with all of them. It has a decent cover to help make up for the lack of songs. “Burning Fields” combines all that is melody with bombast, and it works to a one hundred percent degree. It contains both ballad and rock elements collectively of the same balance. This song cuts like a knife with guitars and vocal dynamics that can only be heard by the best in the business for this indie rock level. Everyone goes past ten on their own scales, almost outdoing each other as they rock out with everything they’ve got. The intro to the next track “1000 Reasons To” would seem to take things down a level but it’s actually the opposite by the time it gets going and leaps up and becomes an epic piano driven rock ballad. This is done so well it has to be heard to be believed, and it’s easily their best number, as the vocals just kill it. Talk about a classic, this breaks new ground and takes old with it, as it fades away beautifully to the last guitar and piano chords. The next track picks things way back up and rocks heavy with “Chains In The Cold” at the most aggressive point on the EP. Federica Sara Falletta puts in her finest moment on this one, as she fights to sing over a rough backing track. The vocals get intense in the mid-section, going where most don’t, and it’s awesome in every way. This is probably the track with the most of all going for it, too bad it’s not surrounded by enough more of the same. I could use about six more of these, as things come to an abrupt close with the last track being sung in Italian but by no means losing any points over for any lack of understanding, because it’s just as good as anything on the whole EP. “Non Credi” takes things once again where hard rock and alternative rock meet their cutting-edge.

It’s not only alternative but moves them more into prog inclined territory. There are certainly a lot of styles going on with ILLacrimo, and who knows what to come, but I’m game to see as much as they have to bring. I’m glad I heard this band, they’re a first class Italian wonder.

Cory Frye

Score: 9/10