INFiDELZ Can’t Stop the Rock


INFiDELZ ReviewOne thing’s for sure, California can rock! INFiDELZ proves that well with their music that fails to let listeners have a sense of relaxation. “Leaving With Me” starts out with a thrashing occurrence and then the vocals come through with a sense of ease. They’re not as overpowering as the music, but they demand control. In “Neutralized,” we get more energy and you can’t help but want to push, shove and get a pit started. The adrenaline that INFiDELZ pulls out is nonstop as hearts race to keep up with the likes of “One Night Alone” and “Scary Monsters.” When it all boils down, you’re not going to get a case of boredom with this band. It’s impossible when they’re full throttle every step of the way. If you’re into hair bands that showcased both showmanship and great music – check out INFiDELZ now. (