Jackson Ward – Goodbye Trouble


Jackson Ward – Goodbye Trouble

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A native of Richmond, Virginia Jackson Ward is one band that compose an eclectic style borrowing from catchy folk-pop music, combined with an country-rock bluesy aesthetic. His lyrics share a black humor/self-deprecating sensibility. They may writes of the mundane and the complex, and probably doesn’t understand everything but questions what they already know. Their latest 5 track EP entitled Goodbye Trouble captures the spirit of Chris Young, Blake Shelton and Gary Allan.

Band Line-up: Tony Jackson – Lead Singer, Bob Breckenkamp – Lead Guitar, Jeff Richardson – Rhythm guitar, VOX, Doug Walls – Steel guitar, VOX, Bryan Mitchell – Bass guitar and Jon Ward –Drums.

I’ve spent some time researching Jackson Ward and they are seasoned performers on the fast track with a clean look, voice and sound. This band was also recently signed to Spectra Records. Their latest work entitled Goodbye Trouble was released in 2014 and consists of 5 compelling tracks in total. With the first 2 tracks “I’m All In” and “A Little While” expect vintage country style instrumentation laced with a full array of players and superlative writing that hols the attention span perfectly. The harmonies on “I’m All In” beautify what could have been a dance number. Straight away it’s clear to me that this release is the imaginative return to good “rock solid” country music popular about 10+ years ago with a few humour-laced songs and a few that will tug upon your heart strings as well. All tracks are fused with the better musical touches of today’s pop, all with the undeniable influence of classic country. At times Jackson Ward reminds me of Tom Waits, Jon Cale and even Eric Hutchinson to Matt Wertz. I must admit today’s music has many people feeling of bit of soullessness – how appropriate that I get an CD by a band like Ward that was a real shock to the system – in a good way. Like I had mentioned the album begins in hooky fashion with the first 2 tracks but then dives deeper with tracks like “Goodbye Trouble (Drink to Drink)” and “Beer for Breakfast.” These last 2 brilliant exercises in self-reflection laden with a hooky vibe and an impressive vocal delivery. Up front Jackson is a good singer! All 5 songs are a pleasant journey through a pop-folk passion play of this band’s psyche. Just when you think you have them figured out they deliver a song like “The Grand Tour” which is a pleasant return of old school country music like Keith Whitley. Let me go on record by saying all songs featured on “Goodbye Trouble” are hits waiting to happen and could easily be featured on TV or Film, showcasing Jackson Ward as a moving and grooving unit, with its amazing chorus.

In the end Jackson Ward is a real breath of fresh air any way you look t him. Together they are a stand out band compared to what’s out there right now. As I mentioned earlier, Goodbye Trouble is a real shock to the everyday musical system presently in place. Of the whole album, 1 songs are in the category of brilliant, 4 are good, and 0 skipped through in rotation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jackson Ward’s popularity continue to grow as it did in my own coffee-shop during the week.

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Rating 8.5/10 Stars

– Regina Taylor. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.