James Patrick Morgan – Expected


James Patrick Morgan – Expected 

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Anyone who follows music understands the impact a well written single can have on a pop artist’s career. James Patrick Morgan’s “Expected” is a perfectly crafted pop single with distinct singer/songwriter sensibilities and an abundance of organic instrumentation that goes beyond the purview of shallow or hollow pop confections. It has an ideal length, as well, generating considerable dramatic value in a relatively condensed length of time without ever overstaying its welcome or mistepping in any discernible way. Morgan’s songwriting will strike many listeners as the product of much work, but he makes it sound effortless, as if the song is emerging full blown live in the studio. This sort of apparent ease is difficult to achieve; talent and hard work isn’t always sufficient. Instead, James Patrick Morgan will leave his audience feeling like this work is the product of a gifted musical sensibility.  

It is likely that he’s worked with some great collaborators in order to realize this stirring musical success. The production assembles the musical elements in such a way that it has an undeniable thrust from the outset and it can’t help but carry listeners along. Morgan rides the wave with utter confidence from the start and seems gleefully carried along by the energy. There’s also a hard-nosed sarcasm coming through in his vocal, like a man who has learned some hard lessons at the hands of life but didn’t walk away from it without gleaning some of the humor from that situation/ He knows where to land on all of the right syllables and has a pronounced ability for finishing off individual lines with flair or a wry wink punctuating the final word.  

The music is equally powerful. The lynchpin of making this song work musically is the addition of a churning acoustic guitar powering away just under the surface of the mix. The percussion has a snap that never relents and percolates in lockstep with Morgan’s voice. His voice does a very compelling job of making the lyrics count for everything they are worth, but his job there isn’t particularly difficult. Morgan has a writing touch that the vast majority of his contemporaries do not share. It isn’t reliant at all on exploiting clichés; instead, Morgan touches on experiences that many of us share as we move into our twenties and beyond. He does it with style and realism working together, perfectly aligned, and never wavers from giving each line the attention it deserves.  

This is a performer who is, also, receiving the launch he deserves. His personal website and social media presence vigorously promotes him with great vigor and a high class professional veneer not at all at odds with the authenticity and polish displayed in his musical output. This isn’t any of glittery, fake tinsel littering the airwaves and attempting to pass itself off as truly entertaining product. James Patrick Morgan’s “Expected” , instead, is everything we can hope for and more from intelligent modern pop.  

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Shannon Cowden