Jhonny K and The Krew’s Rock Charm


jhonny krew and the krew reviewJhonny K and The Krew bring you Southern Rock but aren’t afraid to shake it up. “Set Me Free” really needs no introduction. It packs a punch from the start and really grabs you in an instant. He’s a gritty rocker country boy who’s got it going on and you can hear that in almost everything he tosses out. Along with The Krew, Jhonny K really brings to life that Southern rock vibe. Songs like “What Are You Waiting For” convey that while showcasing his vocal strengths. He softens just a bit for “Goodbye My Love” but it still has that rock base. With Nameluss on board, “Sometimes” really brings something new to the table – a hip hop twist to the mix. It was a delightful surprise, unexpected but great. Jhonny K and The Krew are a great rock band that toss in Southern Rock elements, but aren’t afraid to embrace other genres like pop and rock to make their sound a very well-rounded on. If you’re into artists who have a strong base, but play around well with other genres and are still a good listen, check out Jhonny K and The Krew now. (http://www.jknation.com/)