Jonathan Cavier – Blue Room


Jonathan Cavier – Blue Room 


“Blue Room”, the stunning new single from Arizona based vocalist and songwriter Jonathan Cavier, finds this talented performer taking a different turn from his previous releases. Cavier’s latest single embraces rough hewn guitar rock with a stylishness and tastefulness not often associated with the form. His strong voice remains the center of the track, but the six string workout slashing and crashing around him imbues his singing and the overall performance with a character and mood that his earlier work has lacked. Make no mistake, however – this isn’t thudding hard rock with a pop singer straining to sound believable. It sounds like a natural fit and the crunching guitar work running throughout the track never descends into pure histrionics. It’s an immensely musical piece and Cavier’s gift for exploiting melodic possibilities strikes an appealing balance with the distorted rock guitar playing and hard-hitting rhythm section. 

The drumming will definitely get your attention. “Blue Room” is recorded with an intimate, very much in your face sort of style that engages listeners immediately and seldom relaxes. The drumming leaps out all the more because of that and matches up quite well with the driving guitar work. The six string pyrotechnics never threaten to overtake the song entirely, but it has an edge that those familiar with Cavier will note is missing from much of his solo output thus far and makes for a welcome addition to his musical toolbox. There’s no pronounced crescendo to the arrangement – it maintains a steady line of attack from the first and carefully orchestrates the choruses to not stand out too much but, instead, just enough from the rest of the instrumentation. The transitions are seamless and there’s a completeness to the song that suggests it came together all at once rather than being pieced together from an assortment of otherwise disparate parts.  

Cavier sounds quite at home in this setting. His voice retains much of its mainstream commercial feel, but he also shows off a real gravitas that is framed much differently on his earlier work but finds its footing here as well with great ease. His emotive skills are ideal for a lyric that relies on both the specific and general to make an impact on listeners and has a delightfully percussive quality that fits in well with the music. The vocal melody, despite the guitar centric focus, never suffers as well thanks to the tight focus Cavier maintains on making the most of every line. The fluidity of his singing is a tremendous strength of this performance and assures that it will linger in listener’s minds long after the final note fades. “Blue Room” is such an exceptional tune that it makes the album a must have based on its quality alone. Jonathan Cavier will surprise many with this performance, even those familiar with his past work, and the novices encountering him for the first time will undoubtedly be excited to discover such a major talent.  


Joshua Stryde