Kari Tieger – Illumination


Kari Tieger – releases Illumination

Artist URL: http://www.karitieger.com/

Score: 7/10 Stars

Enter East Coast based vocalist Kari Tieger who just released her latest 15 track CD in 2014 called “Illumination”. First a bit about Tieger: Her performance history makes her no stranger to the stage, possessing a background in piano and voice repertoire, and I suspect opera and musical theatre. I Feel Tieger could have serious consideration and aspirations to become an opera singer she may have decided that performing her own music was her calling. .  ILLUMINATION, Kari’s most recent 2014 release, is being hailed by many as her best work to date. Working with many fine instrumentalists, Kari continues to develop original material for future release. With fellow composer Kevin Campbell, she transcribes, co-arranges, and records on many of his songs, and has served as his co-producer in the studio, since 1995. Kari also teaches piano and encourages her many students to compose. On the upside, you can expect 15 semi-experimental Pop pieces that champion high intensity and topics canvassed against a Piano driven alt-rock backdrop. Some songs have an almost earthy sound to them while others deliver modern-alt-pop based movements. With this CD I discovered 15 passionate clips of spot-on classically based Alternative Pop that are sure to inspire and gravitate many listeners. The arrangements are dynamic, ethereal, cathartic, yet vintage in their own right. Ninety seconds into the first track “Music of the Muse” two of the first things crossing your mind were: 1) How undeniably truthful and honest the music sounds, and 2) why the heck haven’t I heard of Kari Tieger before.

But let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves here. Track 1 “Music of the Muse” is a kind of a curveball intro statement offering almost Pop-Rock prelude leading you head first into Track 2 “The Way Things Used to Be” and Track 3 “4 Am Lament” are both intriguing anthems, while “Invitation” really captures a  writers touch. “Journey Song” is an intellectual affirmation that just seems to go stay with you long after the piece has run its course. The CD as a whole does a nice job at offering a wide variety of playing styles; some slow, some even keeled. All tracks are a welcomed return of good Classical Alternative Pop powerful in the late 90’s like Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and Buffy St. Marie. I can even hear traces of Joni Mitchell. Also present: powerful elements of today’s singer-songwriter genera. My favorite tracks are the ones that are dark and foreboding with a ring of raw truth to them/. All songs present stunning vocal performances from Tieger, as she has a good vocal appeal. Why does she keep reminding me of Joni Mitchell? Bring in the combination of good playing, solid heartfelt vocals, amazing production value and you come to understand why many are talking about Tieger along the East coast. The best pieces flow and ebb so nicely with surging intensity only to quickly withdraw again into seclusion. I found this to be a very cool trait of her music. The lyrical content provides inspirational subject matter, and potent topics for today’s thinking fan. Whereas most musical production these days are like a cup of Ramen Noodles. This epic 15 Track offering by Tieger is more like a bowl of seasoned Escargot with Garlic Butter served with a splash of fine Cognac. With all due respects Kari Tieger needs to find an experienced Producer that can get the most out of her sound and talent. She needs to somehow refine her sound and make it more appealing and Radio Friendly. If she had a production team that could mold her sound into a Lana Del Rey or Florence and the Machine type of production – she could be huge! Why? Because she has an impressive writing and vocal skillset.

The Bottom Line: Taking all of this into consideration you begin to understand why Kari Tieger making some waves internationally with her music. In the end this is good addition for her. “Illumination” by Kari Tieger does a marvelous job of extolling energy and shows how much talent she has to offer the world.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/KariTieger

Nathan Young.