Laramie’s Angelic Indie Ways


Laramie-reviewIndie rock never sounded so great as with Laramie. The angelic vocals matched with prestine playing – that’s what you get with this Memphis band. “Whisper” lives up to its name as a soft sung song. As that one continues with the sweet nothings, “Heavy In Your Arms” steps it up just a bit. You can hear a bit of sass in her delivery with this one, a boost of confidence in her words. Then once you stumble upon “The Good Men,” you get this very cool beat to it. I love the way she comes fast with certain parts, but can balance it out with the slower, more drawn out vocals. You get this sort of throwback with “Charlotte’s Waltz” and then get a heavy heart with “Calling You,” all while wrapping things up with the inspiring “Chin Up.” If you’re into bands like The Fray or artists like Fiona Apple, check out Laramie. (