Lost Travelers: 2627 California


Lost Travelers ReviewLost Travelers showcase their home state pride with “2627 California.” “Feels Like Heaven” sounds like another song that I can’t put my finger on as far as the music goes. It’s not the strongest song to start a record on but it sets you up for what’s in store. With “Kasam” you’re taken from the alternative start to a more worldly, calm sound. We head back to that more rock vibe with “Westbound Highway,” but it’s still a little chill. I feel like Lost Travelers are the type of guys who you can hang with and have a relaxing beer with, and all of a sudden a jam session would start. As the record winds down “Fade Away” gives off a very strong California rock aura. It has this grit to it but at the same time comes through smooth. We end things and the album with “Summer Bliss.” While I wasn’t a fan of how it began, I was onboard for how we said goodbye. It was a great cap on the record and my listening experience. Don’t just take my word for it. If you’re a fan of laid back alternative rock, check out Lost Travelers’ “2627 California,” out now. (https://soundcloud.com/kushal-kharel)