Meghan Shanley – Ready for Love


Meghan Shanley – Ready for Love

Meghan Shanley combines jazz and soul to liven up traditional factors and keep originals grounded on Ready For Love. She has been playing around the Nashville area for a while, and this release is a smooth piece of work to show what it is she’s all about. After winning the title of Miss Virginia, she found herself longing to perform because of the life she experienced on the road and that has taken her down the musical path ever since. She can be described as a female crooner, but there is so much more going on than the vocals, as the songs are seamlessly balanced with excellent backing arrangements. The musicianship is first class here all the way, with lyrics going just about everywhere, including into gospel territory, but not in the hardcore sense, it’s just all there in everything she does.

She is a throwback to reckon with, yet she is equally a modern songstress.

The CD gets underway with the title track Ready For Love immediately establishing the feel of the whole release with that remarkably smooth jazz touch that doesn’t quit throughout every song, so, it’s a great way to instantly grab the listener. I had to play it several times before moving on to the rest. It’s so good you swear you’ve heard it before. But it just gets better as it goes with the second track which has an even more familiar ring to it, One Day is a fantastic cut and edges all the rest here for me, but everyone’s mileage varies and will on this great CD.  Then we have yet another brilliant track in the following Synergy, with its contemporary edge taking it to the brink of coolness. And just when things are cooking, of course a brooding ballad is the result in Break My Heart, and then the tempo picks up a little again as things start to really peak. These are all great compositions, and the rest of the release is essentially a repeat of the above, with every track brimming with hot soul and pure class. It’s not often you hear such a thread of genuine originality throughout every song like Shanley brings, as she never veers from the signature groove she possesses. Lovers of jazz, soul, r&b, and even pop can enjoy this artist and should be captivated by the winning combos here. I don’t usually follow the music that way but she leaves no choice but to have me doing so here, and that’s a testament of her inspiration. I’m totally drawn in by it all and can’t wait to hear more from her. Being a beauty contestant turns out to have paved the way for a music career, but something tells me she’s always had it in her. If you like voices such as Nina Simone, Billy Holiday and Marilyn Maye, then you will love Meghan Shanley, as she brings her greatness to tracks like Better Left Unsaid, Never Will, and Mysterious, which completely seal the deal on Ready For Love. I can say this is because after winning over people through her Miss Virginia title, it led to great things, resulting in this magnificent sound. But it don’t work without you, so don’t miss this release, and stay tuned for more.

Scott Prinzing

Rating: 9/10