Monique Angele releases EP


Monique Angele releases EP

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4/5 Stars 

Monique Angele EP is an eclectic yet unique musical offering from Toronto based vocalist Monique Angele. Angele plays Piano and sings oh so magnificently. Being from a big city like Toronto no doubt inspiration comes from daily emotive impressions including a bumper-sticker, scribbles on a wall, signs of various purpose and from these static and fixed messages, an evocative and imaginative pulse is brought forth from elements of a Canadian town.

Below are the liner notes for “Monique Angele” EP

All songs written by Monique Angele Vocals / Piano: Monique Angele Guitar / Electric Bass : Steve Andrews Drums / Demos : Shawn Burgess Acoustic Double Bass (Eyes ): Ross MacIntyre Produced / Engineered / Mixed : Steve Andrews Mastered : Peter Letros- Wreckhouse Mastering Album Cover Design : Digital Deceptions Album Cover Photo : Lindsay Ralph

With all 6 songs performed by Angele and her band there’s no questioning musical credibility here which was established from the beginning notes of Track 1 the single “Poisonous Touch” Angele has a good voice that flutters like a butterfly. The Instrumentation features Piano, Cello, and Guitar. I will add she is clearly not an amateur. As the CD unwinds the first few tracks Eyes and Waltz open the door slowly while effortlessly flowing into a strong collection of 6 tracks featuring a breathtaking musical environment. Other pieces like Pity present a strong sense of musical cohesion that is at times even stunning. Right away I can hear vocal comparables to Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Delta Goodrem. The final tracks “Touch as a Sign” and the live version of “Pity” provide a well-choreographed ending to this musical teaser. The second to the last track “touch of a Sign” sealed the deal for me. Many of these pieces are stellar vocal performances yet are wonderfully organic in nature. In other words a vocalist like Angele needs no over saturated studio tricks to make her voice sound good.

Criticism: Cover art is a bit on the cheesy side to be honest. Although I will add she has striking beauty and this un thought out layout doesn’t do her justice.

This latest 6 track EP by Monique Angele is an incredibly artistic vision from an amazing singer and subsequent/musical visionary that is deserving of far wider recognition than this paragraph will provide. Whether you like this style of Celtic Pop music or not, rest assured Monique Angele is making her unique musical voice heard in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless clutter. Perfect pacing, intriguing compositions and a stellar sound have her scoring big here! If this release slipped past you then take you may want take notice ASAP! Link below.

by Lisa Berg. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes

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