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My Politic – Anchor

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Nashville based Alternative-Folk-Country band My Politic just released their latest CD in 2015 entitled “Anchor” After playing for years in the Springfield, MO area they decided to move to Boston, MA and try their luck on the East Coast. In 2012, “Could You Come Home” and “Oh My Love” from the Album “Younger Still,” released in 2010, were featured on the Real L Word on the Showtime network. In 2013 their song “A Name For You and Me,” also from their “Younger Still” album, was featured on MTV’s Buckwild. In 2013, the band released their fifth album “Love and A Motor Home.” Since forming the band has played countless shows across the US, which has helped solidify their Americana sound. My Politic made the move to Nashville, TN in the Fall of 2013 where they met their newest member Wilson Conroy, who has helped the band further realize their sound. They have started work on their sixth album.

From the first notes of “Before It’s Too Late” and “God vs Evolution” through to the final winding twists and turns of “Civil War Song” and “The title track this release is a pleasurable ride. In contrast lead vocalist Kaston Guffey delivers an incredibly balanced blend of Blues, Rock and Country-Soul and just a dash of Folk-Pop. All of the above is a powerful component when evaluating up and coming band like My Politic. In this aspect Guffey and company have much in the way of promise and marketability especially to cult fans of the Black Crows, and Keith Urban. These 3: Kaston Guffey (vocals/guitar), Nick Pankey (bkg.vocals/guitar), Wilson Conroy (bkg.vocals/banjo/dobro mandolin, banjo), provides 9 intriguing musical stepping stones and boldly showcase world class musicianship with no illusions, or farces. This is real and genuine Country musical expressionism folks – up close and personal. All tracks are powerful, melodic and infectious. Which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing guitar/vocal presence of Guffey This guy is a musical triple threat in my mind. He’s got the look, he can dish out some mean fretwork, and he’s an above average singer. He could be bigger than any of us realize at the moment. Its impressive how well Guffy and the gang combine, blues rock with country-rock-pop balladry. Many songs are polarizing to each other showing a lot of depth in his personality. What’s more I didn’t fail to notice deep, soulful vocals and emotive lyrics perhaps influenced by Tracy Byrd, Rodney Atkins, Chris Cagle and Billy Currington. My top tracks are “Heartless”, Before it’s Too Late” and “The Truth”.

Criticism: CD sounds a bit repetitive overall. Perhaps a few more tracks are needed to make this a fully loaded release.

My Politic is a captivating band within their own right indeed. Some songs seem painfully simple yet not to be underestimated. Some songs know a sure direction delivering the A-Typical Folk-Rock flair. “Anchor” by My Politic is one of the hottest Alternative Folk CD’s I’ve heard this year – and may just be for everyone.

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Jamie Clifton

7/10 Stars