Ossy Oneal – Taylor Swift’s Stairway


Ossy Oneal – Taylor Swift’s Stairway

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Ossy Oneal’s musical journey began, like the best do invariably, before he even reached his tenth birthday. Oneal first started singing at the age of six and a few years later began writing his own material and producing it himself. His immense talents as an athlete led him to take on a star role in three different sports but, when college loomed, Oneal opted to forego an athletic scholarship from the University of Alabama in favor of an academic one that afforded him the time to concentrate on his education and future. The future for Ossy Oneal, all along, was in entertainment and music. Now, at age twenty, Oneal has established a respected and burgeoning reputation on the indie music scene, but his skills are so sharp it is difficult to imagine the indie scene being unable to contain him. Oneal manages the tricky proposition of emerging from his performance as an artist quite capable of pleasing the masses while still giving audiences a significant portion of his heart and soul. The latest single from his creative mind, “Taylor Swift’s Stairway”, illustrates that assertion quite well.

The song’s instrumentation revolves around electronics, but it replicates horns and drums alike with a distinctly human touch. We, as the music buying public, are long past the day when the use of keyboards or synthesizer effects somehow translated into a much colder musical experience and the warmth surrounding this performance touches every aspect of the recording. The percussion, in particular, has a nice snap that helps sets a definitive tone and provides a solid foundation for Oneal’s vocal. The brass flourishes are applied in an ideal way and accentuate the R&B/soul feel that he’s clearly seeking out. Oneal’s songwriting has an acute sense of timing and key moments arrive in the song with just the right amount of emphasis, but some will hear the song and think it runs on a minute or so too long. It isn’t a crippling fault – it feels more like he was truly inspired in the creation of this song and simply wanted to give listeners too much of a good thing.

His vocals are the unquestionable highlight. Oneal’s singing since his sixth birthday has transformed him, at the tender age of twenty years old, into a marvelously commanding R&B and soul stylist who’s emotive skills are second to none compared to anyone else working in this area. He turns a solid lyric into something truly special and unique thanks to that skill set and shows impeccable timing for when he should interject himself into the sonic narrative. “Taylor Swift’s Stairway” will likely mark a turning point in this young man’s life and career when his creativity and command over his powers evolved into something greater than ever before. We should count ourselves lucky to go along for the ride with Ossy Oneal.

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