Over The Falls’ Yes, Have Some

Over The Falls' Yes, Have Some

Over The Falls' Yes, Have SomeOver The Falls is a rock band from Sonoma County made up of a group of guys who apparently like coffee. That can be assumed by their album cover for “Yes, Have Some.” Released in March 2011, it followed Over The Falls 2009 EP, “The Sleepy.” So it seems that they may’ve missed their two year mark in 2013 unless they’re going to get something out before we say hello to 2014. Since “Yes, Have Some” is what we have in our hands now, we’ll talk about that. “The Chase Begins” is a rock song, but the vocals present this eccentric take on like that’s almost funky in a way. Funky is cool in this scenario, not stinky. Things get amped up when they pay tribute to their home state with “California.” The Golden state has never sounded so punk rock before. “Burst Into Beers” takes awhile to get to things, but it’s worth the wait, while “Motorhome” is another punk gem from Over The Falls. If you’re into music that’s loud and fast, check out Bret, Tim, Ryan and Chris otherwise known as Over The Falls’ record “Yes, Have Some.” (http://music.overthefallsrocks.com/)