Rock That Indie Vibe with Canvas People


Canvas People ReviewFormed in 2012, Canvas People came up from the streets of Texas to create a style of indie rock that captures that Lone Star State feel. You can hear “Happy If I’m Wrong” on a alternative station today. It fails to bore you as it packs a punch in every second. The vocals have heart and the music a real sense of soul. As we move on through, we hit “Motives” and are introduced to the toe-tapping ways of this band. Rolling on into “This Is Not A Holiday” offers up a lighthearted ditty that will make music fans smile. It’s definitely a stand out amongst the rest and possibly the best. That’s not to say “Dog’s Blood” or “Carnage” aren’t something to note either. If you like bands like Deathcab For Cutie, but on a happier note – then check out Canvas People now. (