Sultry Sounds of the Undergorund Rocks It Out Big Time


Sultry Sounds of the Undergorund ReviewSultry Sounds of the Undergorund is comprised of three men who take you back but give you something for today. This progressive rock band starts off with “Mountainside,” perhaps and homage to some place they’ve gone in their home of Wisconsin? The thing with bands like this, they’re all about the music and those long lead ins that rockers in the ‘70s made popular. It’s that experimentation, that love of the pure sound of instrumentation that makes this track solid. They stay with the nature theme as “River and Sky” starts. This one is a little lighter than the last and gives you haunting vocals that give off a ‘90s grunge feel. The simply titled, “I” takes us back to where we started, while “Snake Oil Salesman” balances out the lot as the anchor. It starts airy, but gains some meat as it continues on with that grunge vibe from before. If you’re into bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, check out Sultry Sounds of the Undergorund now. (