The Doug Prescott Band’s Rocking Blues

The Doug Prescott Band's Rocking Blues

The Doug Prescott Band's Rocking BluesThe Doug Prescott Band is a group of guys who look like your run of the mill dads, but they pack a punch when it comes to music. “99% Won’t Do” is about having to complete what you set out to do, you can’t half ass. You either give it your all or don’t do it at all. It’s got this laid back way to it that makes you forget it’s teaching you a lesson. “Blues in the Key of Sea” continues to have that cool cat feel to it. It’s a song you put on for a relaxes atmosphere that won’t put anyone to sleep, but will ease the room. “Happy Enough Song” isn’t like that though. This one has the energy to make it a go to when you want to get energized and can’t get any coffee in you, that’s where this band has you covered. The Doug Prescott Band can also be sweet and prove it with the cute song, “Oh Maggie.” They also prove they can groove too with “It’s About Oil.” As things come to an end, “Distant Shorelines” is there to give you that sentimental feeling. If you’re into bands that would likely rock you at your local pub with their fusion of blues, Americana and rock then check out The Doug Prescott Band. (