The Therapists Got the Blues


the-therapists-reviewThere’s something about the Blues that makes you just feel the music more so than any other genre. Its passion is unmatched and The Therapists get that. Intertwining Blues with a pinch of alternative, they bring forth a cascade of songs that are all able to stand on their own. “Taste So Fine” sounds like a good time at a bar on a Friday night. It’s that song that’s playing right when you walk in for an end of the week drink that sets you up for a good rest of the night. Then The Therapists get a little more demure with “I’m Not That Strong.” It’s a sweet song about the endurance of someone in love. Then you get the end of that endurance with “Good While It Lasted.” Whether it’s the start of the end of a relationship, The Therapists can capture the essence of it all in soft tones. Picking things back up; you have to the hip moving ways of “Sweet Thing” and somewhere between those more upbeat tracks that start the party and the more easygoing sits “All Ways.” If you want some Blues rock in your life, check out The Therapists now. (