Harbinger Uprising – Line in the Sand

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Harbinger Uprising – Line in the Sand

URL: https://www.harbingeruprising.com/

You can tell by listening to real rock music by the impression it makes on the world, and by the footprint it leaves behind. Sometimes it can come out in a passionate vocal line, a social movement, or a song that is sung with emotional bewilderment. This new series of songs from the latest 19 Track set by Harbinger Uprising, entitled “Line in the Sand” are rock solid! This 2 member band from Clarksville, Tennessee consists of two primary members: Morgan Adames (vocals) and Brett Marbes (Drums), secondary members Charles Frost (Drums), Jon Knight (Guitar) and Tim Filer (Bass). It’s a non-stop presentation of all-out rock n’ roll as described above. Making use of every rock trick in the book, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like on this 19 track collection linked below, after this paragraph. It assumes you have a reasonable tolerance for the nitty gritty genre these 2 core members bring. One can expect balls to the wall guitar action and flowing vocals that will remind you at times between a cross of Godsmack and Tool.

In their own words: Progression meets the mainstream. That is the goal of the newest group to hit the rock scene, Harbinger Uprising, both musically and lyrically. “I wanna talk about the hidden truths. I wanna go deep into perspectives, and start a conversation”.

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The first 3 tracks, “Breathe Through the Choke”, “The Whistleblower”, and, “Heroes” get the party started right; full of hard hitting power chords and riffs that really keep the essence of the music loud and reckless. Sometimes you don`t need too much to create something high quality and powerful. I’ve often heard the term “Keep it Simple Stupid”. Keeping this in mind, there’s no over the top musical theatrics here besides the grinding guitar attack, deep drums, and meandering vocal deliveries. Despite this, other songs radically go in a different direction with a bit of vocal harmonies and tasty solos. My ears pricked up to the vocal style right away. Probably not the most common tongue and cheek singing style, but when sung in the right manner it can become almost intoxicating. Add in mysterious lyrics and some slightly dangerous subject matter expressed with eloquence, emotion, and conviction, and you will come to understand why this is. The vocal style from Adames defiantly flows like a ship lost at sea, very much like Perry Ferrel (Jane’s Addiction) and Chris Cornell but with a vocal timbre more compatible with Alternative Rock. I’ve only heard a handful of singers execute this style well – and Harbinger Uprising is no exception.

Lyrics have an emotional impact and these two writes music like they’ve seen it all. All of the songs have messages worthy of your attention, but you have to listen more than once to pick up on it. A loud, yet creative album, there are parts that seem to be perfect and when you suddenly hear strange beats, you may probably wonder if something is wrong with the audio, but it is not, especially on Track 5 “Dive.” The mission is: show something perfectly imperfect, and turn it into something unique. “Facing Oblivion” and the title track are 2 more standout tracks with musical hard hitting psychedelics and a distinctive voice for the masses to consume. Most songs are about themes of fear, love, death, transformation, resurrection, fear, life and fear of the unknown. Swaying between hard rock, and at times, a live bar band sound, these two kick out the jams with things that move worryingly close to Alt-Punk but never cross the line into that territory. The mix presents low and moody frequencies adding a huge helping of guitar/snare/kick/and vocals in the forefront. The musical flavor is reminiscent of many bands in the late 90’s hard rock movement.

In close; This latest effort by Harbinger Uprising “Line in the Sand” has all the components necessary for a popular rock album. They also have a good young marketable look, and from what I’ve read, have a solid live presentation – a big component necessary to be a popular rock act. All of the above make them stand out in their own terms of musical rebelliousness and power.

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Kevin Jones

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