4Months In: 4Months In


4Months In ReviewOut in Illinois 4Months In are few guys just pulling together to bring to life music that’s one part rock and roll, two parts alternative and a pinch of pop. All of that rolled into one is their self-titled EP “4Months In.” Opening the record is “Complaints.” Musically it keeps your feet tapping and vocally things are all aligned and in sync. Things build up in “Lunar Eclipse.” It’s like a musical stairway to the action at hand, while “King’s Crown” is more or less the same set up. Things get really heavy with “Sssin City” and that’s where the real rock comes through. You can even hear lead singer Ian give it a bit more oomph. Closing out “4Months In” is the wonderfully constructed “Wasting Time.” It’s a nice way to cap things off and give you a final adios to 4Months In, although after listening to them – you’ll be saying hello to them over and over again. If you like rock that has an alternative pop undertone to it, check out 4Months In today. (https://4monthsin1.bandcamp.com/album/4months-in-ep)