5D-Z- Releases Eclectic and Ear-Catching New Album, ‘Crossing The Cosmos’

5D-Z- Releases Eclectic and Ear-Catching New Album, ‘Crossing The Cosmos’

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Catch 5D-Z-’s Unique and Haunting Music Style in His Latest Album

Concordia, Kansas – 5D-Z  – realized his love for music when he was young as 3 or 4 years old. From messing around with different instruments as a kid to passionately learning to play the guitar as a teenager, music has been a constant in his life. The talented artist is now set to get listeners grooving with his individual and creative sound.

5D-Z- first captured listeners’ interest with a 3-track EP released last year. This year, though, he is ready to take things a step further by releasing his first full-length album. The 25-minute long album features 8 original compositions, each highlighting 5D-Z-’s personal artistry.

‘Crossing The Cosmos’ has an infectious style that’s sure to pique the interest of several listeners. The beats in the songs are perfect for the days when you’re in the mood to groove. The songs feature enthralling drumming and haunting piano melodies, backed by a thick synth bassline. Add in the mesmerizing vocals, and you have music that’s perfect for uplifting anyone’s mood.

While an Alt-Rock artist from Kansas, 5D-Z-’s songs have an element of hip-hop to them. That, coupled with the powerful synth-driven backdrop, is what gives him his individual sound. The high-quality production of the album also highlights his musical expertise. Cool touches like overlapping parts and layers, guitar solos, and more make this album appealing to a diverse group of listeners.

Check out 5D-Z-’s official website to listen to his music for free. Listeners can also purchase his music from the site for easier listening when on the go. Keep up with the artist’s latest releases by following him on major social media platforms. To contact him for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.





5D-Z- developed an interest in music when he was still very young. As he grew, so did his interest in music. While having dabbled with several instruments throughout his youth, he developed a particular fondness for the electric guitar. Through his teenage years and 20s, he was active in different bands, which is when he discovered his love for songwriting. He is a musician through and through, loving several genres and mixing them together for his own productions. He dreams of nothing more than to record, play, and perform for years to come.




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Youtube Video URL https://youtu.be/dvkCDUioRUg
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