DawgGonDavis is back!!!!!!


DawgGonDavis is back!!!!!! 

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.l.davis.948

 We often like to throw around the word “hero” in our society, almost to the point where it has lost the weight of its meaning. I guess a hero can be a lot of things to a lot of different people, but we can all agree that anyone who gives everything of themselves and their earnings to a cause is definitely a special kind of hero. Rebecca Davis, or Dawg Gone Davis as she goes by in the hip-hop world, is one of those special kinds of heroes. Since starting her music career she has promised to give everything she makes to Operation Breakthrough, a noted not for profit company dedicated to improving the lives of kids living below the poverty line, and she has kept that promise consistently. Although her music is rooted heavily in hilarity and parody, there’s nothing even remotely funny about her level of passion for helping Operation Breakthrough and the children they serve every day. 

In her new song, “Butt on Fiya,” Dawg Gone Davis raps that she doesn’t need the breasts she lost to cancer five years ago, because her posterior has a reputation all on its own. For a newbie to professional recording, Dawg Gone Davis knows all the right buttons to push here, even sounding like Neneh Cherry during the height of her “Buffalo Stance” stardom. I haven’t seen Dawg Gone Davis’ butt, but she convinced me that if nothing else, her swagger and artistry are definitely hot enough to burn down any club she decides to headline. 

Cancer is not a friendly topic for most people to delve into carelessly. There’s a certain discomfort for most people in discussing a disease that claims almost 600,000 lives annually in the United States alone according to the Center for Disease Control. There’s a definite problem in that lack of conversation however, in that it makes the stigmas and intense terror surrounding cancer all the more painful to endure. I absolutely love the way Dawg Gone Davis proudly embraces her life post-breast cancer and all the enjoyment that can be had out of it. Much like her equally biographical song “Middle Age Woman – Hip-Hop Style,” which was released earlier this year and is essentially a B-side to “Butt on Fiya,” Davis is cutting through any notion of the awkwardness around age, cancer and expectations with her newest song, and shows nothing but awesome potential as her career continues to develop and blossom. 

Make sure you check out “Butt on Fiya” and “Middle Age Woman – Hip-Hop Style,” both out now on Hellmut Wolf’s Wolf Digital imprint. I should note that Wolf produced both tracks and his legendary abilities in the studio are impeccably represented in the resulting products. You can find more information and connect directly with Rebecca L. Davis, the genius behind the Dawg Gone Davis project, on her official Facebook page at facebook.com/rebecca.l.davis.948. To explore how you can also help Operation Breakthrough and discover the incredible work they do, visit their website at operationbreakthrough.org. 

Jamie Morse