Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out


Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out

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With a blast of tremendous sonic force, Pennsylvania’s Jiggley Jones delivers the goods on his much anticipated full-length follow up to the … A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light … extended play, Not Your Typical Day Out. Uniting transcendent poetry with shimmering sheets     of various guitars, Jones proves that it is possible for alternative rock to get in touch with its bucolic side once in a while without stumbling into hipster predictability. While Not Your Typical Day Out was released last October, it’s starting to gain a steady stream of airplay on specialty and college radio stations across America in the summer of 2018, and the momentum behind Jones appears to be building faster by the day. Thanks to its excellent crossover appeal, his debut LP is finding some very satisfied fans in both the indie rock and country scenes alike.

As most devout music fans know, rebelliousness is a mood that isn’t exclusive to just one particular genre. Whether it’s the irreverent scowl of the Sex Pistols, the mind-bending beats of Wu-Tang Clan or the sardonic wail of Bob Dylan, recalcitrant attitudes are as much of an iconic hallmark of popular music as the very artists who express them are. Jiggley Jones has got plenty of sharp edge to his sound, which I would describe as a fusion of jangly indie rock and bluegrassy country music. There’s a certain punky sensibility to songs like “Danger Island” and the emotionally charged “Vibrant” that make the music feel so raw and organically produced. That said, the production quality of Not Your Typical Day Out is absolutely superb, allowing us to truly appreciate the multidimensional nature of Jones’ cerebral songwriting and instrumentation. Such attention to detail makes this guy a musician’s musician, a natural cut from the divine cloth of creativity.

The most compelling element of any album is its ability to transform the listener’s surroundings and transport us to the state of mind, frame of consciousness if you will, that the artist was in when they were writing the songs. The particular genius of Not Your Typical Day Out is that it not only takes us rambling through Jiggley Jones’ travels and tribulations in life and love alongside him, seeing things from his perspective, but it also allows us to create a journey uniquely our own in its thought-provoking lyrics. The mid-album track “That Pearl” contains a haunting piano part in the first opening bars of the song that literally evokes feelings of judgement and consequences. The churning, eager drums start picking up speed and they don’t stop, taking our hearts with them. There’s deep feeling in every aspect of Jones’ play, and it’s a treat to take in, especially in this high definition format.

Jiggley Jones’ burgeoning career, which has already garnered him multiple awards and performances alongside some pretty big names at events like the CMA Festival, is going to pick up even more steam behind this latest release from the gifted singer/songwriter. I highly encourage indie music lovers to give Not Your Typical Day Out a spin for an exceptional glimpse into the future of authentic Americana.

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