A Fascinating Phenomenon in Cape Town\’s Electric Scene– Thepharmacy101cult Drops Stunning New Record ‘Faded’

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Introducing the four talented artists of Thepharmacy101cult who continue to deliver a unique blend of Hip Hop and New Age

Cape town, Western Cape, South Africa —Thepharmacy101cult’s approach is refreshingly unconventional, with a focus on dropping their old hits before unveiling new music. This strategy aims to build anticipation, engage a growing audience, and set the stage for a significant breakthrough in the competitive music industry.

What sets Thepharmacy101cult apart is the diversity that the talented artists embody. Each member of the collective brings to the forefront a unique set of skills and influences, resulting in a dynamic blend of Hip Hop and New Age sounds.

From Lucious Mandy’s modeling prowess to Yung Husty’s distinctive lyrical approach, Veigh’s melodic twists, and Lesley Vertigo’s versatile singing, the group is a testament to the richness of Cape Town’s music scene.

Thepharmacy101cult has been crafting their musical identity for more than four years, honing their skills and pushing creative boundaries. The collective is gearing up to release a series of old hits on all major music platforms. Their strategy includes unveiling music videos following a climb up the charts and strategic self-investment.

As Thepharmacy101cult prepares to drop their old hits, they call upon readers and music enthusiasts to fully support and immerse themselves in the musical journey of this talented collective.

In a music industry hungry for fresh sounds and authentic stories, Thepharmacy101cult emerges as a promising force, ready to carve their niche and captivate audiences with their distinctive blend of genres and talents.

Stream Thepharmacy101cult’s new music on the artist’s official music platforms and connect with the artists on Instagram (@thepharmacy101cult) to stay tuned for new and upcoming releases!



Hailing from the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, Thepharmacy101cult is making waves as an upcoming music band with a fusion of Hip Hop and New Age sounds. Comprising four individual and distinct talents, the group is set to drop their old hits and break through the music scene.

Lucious Mandy (Khungani Daba) is a 24-year-old artist who is not only an integral part of Thepharmacy101cult but also an iconic force in the film industry, where he has left his mark on major film projects. With a passion for both music and modeling, Lucious adds a dynamic layer to the group.

Yung Husty (Lulutho) Bringing a unique approach with his flows and lyrics, 23-year-old Yung Husty is not just an artist; he juggles his musical pursuits with a 9-to-5 job, showcasing his dedication and work ethic.

Veigh (Vusi) A versatile artist at 25, Veigh brings a melodic sound to Thepharmacy101cult’s repertoire and doubles up as a DJ with bookings in the industry. His ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements adds a distinctive flavor to the group.

Lesley Vertigo (Anele) At 23, Lesley Vertigo is a multi-talented artist currently balancing studies while actively contributing to the music scene. With a penchant for singing and music production, Lesley enhances the group’s sonic landscape.


Name: 0634818247
Address: 8 main road,Parklands, 84 on main, 8 capital drive thembani, Cape town, Western Cape, South Africa
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +27 72 337 6669



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