A Harmonious Blend of Talent and Faith by OB1 & Nnennaya Kelly

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Washington, District of Columbia —Music enthusiasts, get ready to experience a mesmerizing blend of Afrobeats and rap in the latest musical sensation “Angel,” a collaboration between the prodigious 16-year-old musician OB1 and the electrifying Afrobeats star Nnennaya Kelly. This inspiring and uplifting track is now available on all streaming platforms, accompanied by a captivating music video on YouTube.

OB1’s journey in music began at the tender age of three with piano lessons and has since flourished into a diverse and promising career. A gold medalist in the Brass instrument competition and a silver medalist in singing at the Royal Ascot Music Festival, OB1’s talent is undeniable. His deep Christian faith and strong family support are the cornerstones of his artistry, evident in his upcoming 2024 EP. “Angel” particularly showcases these values, featuring his friends and family in the music video, embodying his belief in unity, faith, and the presence of angels in our lives.

Nnennaya Kelly’s musical voyage started at seven, and she has since become a dynamic force in the industry. Her music, infused with the soul and rhythm of cities from Detroit to Lagos and Washington DC to London, resonates with a global audience. Kelly’s ability to blend contemporary beats with her childhood passion has marked her as a rising star, constantly evolving with the music industry.

“Angel” is a collaboration that brings together the best of both artists. Co-written with his mother, the track mirrors OB1’s deep Christian faith and conveys the comforting belief that everyone has a guardian angel. The song is not just music; it’s a message of hope, guidance, and the assurance of never being alone.

“Angel” is a testament to the power of faith, family, and music. It’s a song that promises to uplift, inspire, and resonate with listeners worldwide. Tune into this remarkable collaboration on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform and witness the synergy of OB1 and Nnennaya Kelly in their music video on YouTube. This track is not just a melody; it’s an experience of hope and divinity. Learn more about OB1 in this interview with DCR.










OB1, a 16-year-old musician, is swiftly making his mark in the music industry by blending genres like afrobeat, pluggnb, and rap. His musical odyssey, initiated at the tender age of three with piano lessons arranged by his supportive mother, has blossomed into a multi-faceted career, including accolades such as Gold medalist in the Brass instrument competition and Silver medalist in singing at the Royal Ascot Music Festival.

With an unwavering faith in God and a strong family support system, OB1 is poised to release his EP in 2024, while balancing his high school studies and nurturing his burgeoning music career. His new single and music video, “Angel,” features his friends and family, reflecting his belief in unity, faith, and the presence of angels in our lives.

Nnennaya Kelly, an electrifying Afrobeats sensation, began her musical voyage in earnest in 2021, although her vocal prowess dates back to her melodies at the age of seven. Drawing inspiration from a mosaic of cultures, her music echoes the soul and rhythm of diverse cities, from Detroit to Lagos, Washington DC to London. With her innate ability to experiment and collaborate, Nnennaya crafts a signature sound that captivates audiences of all ages. As the music industry evolves, she remains a dynamic force, consistently blending her childhood passion with contemporary beats, marking her as a rising star in the global music scene.



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