A Hidden Gem in the Riveting World of Electronic Music – Up-and-Coming Prodigy Chris Ward Inspires with Original Music

A Hidden Gem in the Riveting World of Electronic Music – Up-and-Coming Prodigy Chris Ward Inspires with Original Music

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A talented studio artist who remains catalyzed by a passion to create impact, Chris Ward continues to win hearts with his relatable and expressive electronic style

Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom — A shimmering star in the world of electronics, Chris Ward is a skilled studio artist who continues to fascinate all with his instrumental electronic music. With an awe-inspiring range that beautifully captures a spectrum of original and striking electronic tracks, from Classical to Rock, Chris Ward continues to inspire.

An embodiment of individuality, subtlety, and an all-original soundscape, Chris Ward’s music trajectory has seen the artist upload an audio album on Bandcamp, followed by music videos on his Youtube channel. Working from his home studio with keyboards alongside song production and video production facilities, the independent artist can relate to audiences in his own unique manner.

An artist who beckons to be heard; Chris Ward’s talent remains boundless. His mesmerizing and compelling track, ‘Cherry Blossom’ features a blend of tunes and rhythms that take listeners into a whole different world. It also paves the way forward for Chris to explore his creative interests and build a discography that is unapologetically his own.

The 64-year-old artist brings with his music, years of experience, and background of playing several instruments during his younger days. However, all his appearances in public stopped over 40 years ago, as he began to look inward.

“The electronic music I have created varies from Classical to Rock in style but is all original. My main influencers include the likes of Chopin, Holts, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Queen, Genesis, Yes, Prodigy, and others,” says Chris Ward regarding his music and motivations.

Visit Chris Ward’s official Youtube channel to stream his music and check out and download his unique electronic tracks! The artist remains open to interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations. He is also looking forward to a two-way dialogue with readers who would be interested in expressing their views regarding his music, how he can move forward, or what they would like him to consider next.



Chris Ward is a talented composer and independent producer who creates his own original electronic music. All of the artist’s music so far is instrumental and ranges from classical to rock tracks that have been produced from his own home studio which he has been building.

With over 30 years of experience in making music, Chris is now in a fortunate position to devote much more time to his craft. As an artist, he is keen to have his work released and to share it with others who appreciate his unique style. He is also eager to continue composing and producing more instrumental music, with the goal of broadening his scope beyond his current genre.

Chris remains open to all sorts of collaboration with like-minded artists, singers, composers, and instrumentalists who possess similar interests and capabilities. He is dedicated to the pursuit of his artistic vision and is excited to see where his passion for music will take him next.


Chris Ward
Name: Chris Ward
Email: [email protected]


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/cha00nel/UCsgB99YWOZVeBcB0gdSUyUw


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