A Jazzy and Melodic Christmas Anthem for the Times- Darren Fewins Presents “It’s Just Another Christmas Song” featuring Bakithi Kumalo

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The ultimate song of the season, “It’s Just Another Christmas Song” is a gem in the realm of holiday music, rife with rich and memorable imagery

Shirley, NY —September 14th, 2023 –Darren Fewins’ brilliant addition to the beloved holiday season takes its place amongst time-honored holiday season classics, destined to become a staple in festive playlists worldwide. Darren Fewins, a prolific artist who is known for his matchless musical abilities, has collaborated with iconic bass player Bakithi Kumalo to mesmerize audiences with what can only be described as “The Greatest Christmas Song Ever Heard.”

“It’s Just Another Christmas Song” is more than just a holiday tune- the single presents a heartwarming and melodic masterpiece that promises to resonate with listeners around the globe.

Having originally dropped on June 23, 2023, the magical song has already earned the coveted title of “Holiday Song of the Year.” This new single brings together a talented ensemble of musicians from diverse corners of the world, including Australia, Thailand, Spain, and Argentina.

The brainchild of songwriter and producer William Valintine, the enchanting composition, paired with Darren Fewins’ captivating vocals and Bakithi Kumalo’s legendary bass prowess, is slated to become a Christmas classic.

More than just a song, the new single is a celebration of the holiday spirit. Darren Fewins’ rich and expressive voice serves as the perfect vessel to convey the warmth and nostalgia of the holiday season.

Bakithi Kumalo, renowned for his work as Paul Simon’s bass player, adds depth and soul to the composition. Echoing the essence of Christmas, making it feel like a cherished memory of yore, the new single embodies the magic of the season, inviting listeners to embrace the joy, love, and magic of the season.

With an impressive roster of returning clients and releases spanning over 80 cities worldwide, Darren Fewins is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music landscape. For interviews, collaborations, or to experience the magic of “It’s Just Another Christmas Song,” contact Darren Fewins at [email protected].



Darren Fewins is a seasoned artist who has honed his craft through years of dedicated musical exploration. With a background in both classical and contemporary vocal styles, the artist made his stage debut in Australia at the tender age of thirteen.

Darren’s journey has been marked by remarkable achievements, including seven Australian music award nominations and a coveted spot in the top ten of the Aria charts as a songwriter. Having worked with notable artists such as Human Nature, Bachelor Girl, and Vanessa Amorosi, Darren’s talent has graced stages around the world, from Europe and Dubai to China and the USA.

Currently based in New York City, Darren Fewins operates from a production suite in the financial district, where he focuses on creating compelling toplines for various genres. A talented artist, Darren boasts over 500,000 plays on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify and has contributed to Kygo’s Monthly Masterclass.


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