A Multi-genre Musical Mosaic- Lauren Hakulinen Unveils Soundtrack for Award-Winning Documentary “Where’s the Craic?”

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A Visceral Journey of Americana, Rock, and Jazz Fusions, the enchanting and immersive soundtrack of “Where’s the Craic?” mesmerizes all

Echenevex, France —December 19th, 2023 – A breathtaking soundtrack, Lauren Hakulinen’s compilation of music from her film “Where’s the Craic?” emerges as a soul-stirring project that transcends borders. Representing a multifaceted musical odyssey which celebrates the vibrant pub culture of Ireland, the album accompanies the multi award-winning documentary, directed by the spirited and music-addicted filmmaker, Lauren Hakulinen.

Capturing the “heartbeat” of Ireland itself – the “Where’s the Craic?” soundtrack released on December 19, 2023, and features not only a collection of songs but a melodic narrative echoing the diverse genres that define Irish music.

From Americana to Irish folk, rock, jazz, and gypsy jazz, each track is a testament to the rich tapestry of sound that Ireland weaves. Notably, it mirrors the multicultural influences present in the NoCrows band, the brilliant gypsy-jazz-trad ensemble featured in the film.

In 2012, inspired by the legendary Arlo Guthrie, Lauren Hakulinen embarked on a journey to Ireland, seeking not just a concert but an immersive experience. However, a chance encounter in a Sligo pub led to a series of events that led to the creation of a groundbreaking documentary and its enchanting soundtrack.

The genesis of “Where’s the Craic?” lies in the warmth of a Sligo pub, Shoot the Crows, where Hakulinen stumbled upon the NoCrows band. Struck by the magical fusion of gypsy jazz and traditional Irish music, she envisioned a documentary that could encapsulate the soul-stirring experience of live music in Irish pubs. Little did she know that this vision would evolve into a multi award-winning film.

Fellow music enthusiast, Shane Donnolly enthused about the abundance of musical talent in Sligo. This revelation became the catalyst for “Where’s the Craic?” – a celebration of Sligo’s 500 musicians and the spontaneity of live performances in its pubs. The documentary, accompanied by the newly released soundtrack, showcases the essence of the Craic – the joy, music, and camaraderie that define the Irish spirit.

Lauren Hakulinen, the director, credits the magnetic influence of Arlo Guthrie which led her to Shoot the Crows pub where she discovered Sligo’s music scene. In a serendipitous encounter at Arlo Guthrie’s concert, Lauren met a friend of Arlo’s, fell into a conversation about falling in love with Ireland, the global economic crash, and other worldly things. Arlo style. This coupled with a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in France felt to be a project that was meant to be.

As the director aptly puts it, “In this time of political darkness, I’d like to show the world that there is this magical place where people live to have fun – to have ‘the Craic’.” The documentary has completed its festival run, garnering numerous Best Feature Documentary awards. The online release of the soundtrack ensures that the enchanting melodies and the spirit of Irish pubs reach a global audience.

Buy the soundtrack for “Where’s the Craic?” or gift the record to friends as a memorable Christmas gift! Follow the artists on their social media https://linktr.ee/wheresthecraicmovie, and share the word with your friends! The team behind the documentary is always available for interviews and reviews!



Award-winning L.A. born filmmaker and music addict, residing in France, Lauren Hakulinen decided to try her hand at making a music documentary, set in Ireland, after spending one night in a local pub with great live music. Having traveled to Ireland in 2013 to see Arlo Guthrie in concert, she credits him for her inspiration along with Sligo’s vibrant and diverse music scene. “Where’s the Craic?” is her first film.


Soundtrack for “Where’s the Craic?”
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