A Profound, Moving, and Heartfelt Tapestry of Pop – Ira Lawrence Rosoff Presents “A Good Angel”

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The fourth single from Ira Lawrence Rosoff’s solo record- “Count to Ten,” the passionate new single captivates audiences with poetic, contemporary elements

St. Petersburg, Florida —November 17th, 2023 –”A Good Angel” heralds the arrival of Ira Lawrence Rosoff’s solo album, “Count To Ten.” Crafted in collaboration with Bozenna ‘Bo’ Intrator, the single is a holiday anthem, weaving a tapestry of emotions that resonate during the festive season. Bozenna’s history of creating impactful Christmas songs, notably “A KTO WIE” in 2000, sets the stage for “A Good Angel” to offer strength and warmth to those who may not always find joy during the holidays.

The music video, directed by Bozenna ‘Bo’ Intrator, complements the heartfelt message of the single. Known for her collaborative work with Ira on previous videos, Bozenna brings a visual narrative that enhances the depth of “A Good Angel.” The anticipation for the November 17th release of the single and the subsequent album premiere on December 6th has created a buzz among music enthusiasts.

Ira Lawrence Rosoff’s musical journey is one marked by challenges and triumphs. Co-founding the band ‘Wheels’ in 2003, Ira faced adversity when the band disbanded due to Ira’s severe brain injury. Undeterred, he delved into a solo career, supported by friends, especially Bozenna ‘Bo’ Intrator.

Together, they co-created half of the songs on the upcoming album, a testament to their artistic synergy. The album “Count To Ten” is not just a collection of songs; it’s an immersive journey through emotions, love, and spirituality. Ira Lawrence Rosoff’s ability to meld contemporary vibes with timeless emotions has resulted in a distinctive sound that captivates audiences.

With Grammy-nominated producer Rick Chudacoff and Grammy Award-Winning Music Engineer Steve Marcantonio contributing to the final mix, the album promises to be a landmark in Ira’s musical career.

As the world eagerly awaits the release of “A Good Angel” and the album “Count To Ten,” music enthusiasts are invited to explore Ira’s eclectic sound on his website, YouTube, where they can stream, download, and buy his music.

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Ira Lawrence Rosoff is a seasoned artist whose musical journey echoes a tale of resilience, passion, and artistic evolution. Born in Orlando, Ira’s early exposure to music, particularly the influence of the Beatles, laid the foundation for his diverse and captivating sound. Following the formation of the band “Wheels” in 2003, Ira embarked on a musical odyssey, channeling his emotions and experiences into the creation of soul-stirring music.

His upcoming album, “Count to Ten,” set to release in December 2023, promises to be a profound exploration of emotions, love, and spirituality. Ira’s distinctive blend of modern sensibilities and timeless influences creates a sound that resonates deeply with listeners. With visionary contributions from Bozenna ‘Bo’ Intrator, the album is poised to showcase the artistic evolution of Ira Lawrence Rosoff.


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