A Pulsating, Striking, and Inspiring Production- The Refusers Drop New Single “Bubble People” Critiquing Wall Street Excesses

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Seasoned Seattle Rock band The Refusers magnetize audiences with their insightful, witty, and playful takedown of the elite financial establishment

Seattle, WA —Led by fearless frontman Michael Belkin, The Refusers are no strangers to challenging the regressive status quo. Ranked #1 in Seattle Rock, the eclectic band is known for their unapologetic approach to addressing pressing societal issues through the force of their music.

In their electric new release, titled “Bubble People” The Refusers tackle the rampant speculation and irrational exuberance driving financial markets to dizzying heights. With powerful lyrics that cut through the hype and expose the harsh realities of market manipulation, the new song serves as a wake-up call to those caught in the frenzy.

Backed by a stellar lineup including Grammy-award winner Brendan Hill on drums, Eric Robert on Nord Keyboards, Joe Doria on Piano and Hammond Organ, and Steve Newton on bass and background vocals, The Refusers deliver a powerful message with their signature sound.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Randy Newman, “Bubble People” offers a tongue-in-cheek take on a controversial issue, blending humor with insight to drive home its message. The band emphasizes the importance of the accompanying video in conveying the song’s essence, recognizing its potential to spark conversation and provoke thought.

With their finger firmly on the pulse of current events, The Refusers continue to use their platform to give voice to the voiceless and shine a light on societal injustices. As they gear up to release “Bubble People” to the world, the band invites listeners to join them in questioning authority and challenging the status quo.

Through their music, The Refusers advocate for critical thinking and skepticism, urging audiences to look beyond the headlines and think for themselves. With “Bubble People” they deliver a timely reminder that beneath the glossy facade of Wall Street lies a bubble waiting to burst, with consequences that will reverberate far beyond the trading floor.

As The Refusers prepare to unleash “Bubble People” on the world, they remain committed to using their music as a force for change, inspiring listeners to question, challenge, and resist the narratives that seek to deceive and manipulate.

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The Refusers, a leading rock band from Seattle, Washington, are making waves with their latest single “Bubble People” a scathing critique of the speculative frenzy engulfing Wall Street. With their signature blend of toe-curling riffs and punchy choruses, The Refusers deliver a witty takedown of billionaires, bureaucrats, and media stars cashing in on an overvalued stock market bubble.


The Refusers
Name: The Refusers
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