A Renowned Rock and Metal Troubadour, Kevin Goocher Delivers a Moving and Passionate Ode to Country and Southern Rock Music

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A renowned Rock and Metal troubadour, Kevin Goocher delivers a moving and passionate ode to Country and Southern Rock music

Los Angeles, CA —January 17th, 2023 – In the eclectic landscape of music, Kevin Goocher has been a force to be reckoned with, dominating the stages worldwide with his dynamic presence in the rock and metal realms. Now, with a stunning turn of events, Goocher is ready to enchant audiences in a different cadence, exploring the heart and soul of country and southern rock.

The much-anticipated EP, “My Friends Call Me Gooch,” is slated for release on January 25, 2024, marking a significant departure from Goocher’s rock and metal legacy. Produced by the seasoned Wyn Davis, known for his work with iconic names like Guns & Roses, Foreigner, and Van Morrison, and co-produced by Steve Ornest, the EP promises a sonic journey enriched with authenticity and passion.

Each track is a testament to Goocher’s musical evolution and a celebration of his return to the genres that first ignited his love for music. All songs on the EP are a collaborative creation, bearing the signature touch of Kevin Goocher and his wife, Melanie Goocher.

The memorable EP boasts a stellar lineup of musical virtuosos, including Aaron Sterling on drums (Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Harry Styles), Dane Bryant on Keyboards/Piano (Olivia Newton John, Dolly Parton), Chris Condon and Shaun Richardson on Guitars (Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael Martin Murphy, Jesse James Decker), Russ Pahl on Steel Guitar (Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan), and Ted Pecchio on Bass Guitar (Doyle Bramhall 2nd, Derek Trucks Band). The harmonious backdrop is further elevated by the enchanting backup vocals of Annie Bosko.

Goocher’s venture into country and southern rock is not a mere departure; it’s a earnest return to the music that has been the silent soundtrack to his life. The EP is a carefully curated collection of songs that resonate with genuine emotions, showcasing a side of Kevin Goocher that goes beyond the electric guitar riffs and pulsating drums.

“My Friends Call Me Gooch” promises to present a narrative, a musical odyssey that reintroduces Kevin Goocher as a songsmith in the realms of country and southern rock. With this release, “Gooch” extends an invitation to his fans and friends to join him on this resonant exploration of his musical roots.

Stream the artist’s new music on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify! Kevin Goocher invites all music enthusiasts to embark on this soulful journey. The EP not only stands as a testament to Goocher’s versatility but also as a love letter to the genres that shaped his musical soul.

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Kevin Goocher, a name synonymous with the thunderous beats of rock and metal, unveils a soulful chapter of his musical journey with the release of his upcoming EP, “My Friends Call Me Gooch.” Best known for his global exploits with bands Omen and Of Gods & Monsters, Kevin Goocher takes a delightful detour back to his roots, serenading audiences with the raw and honest melodies of country and southern rock.


Kevin Goocher
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