A Tornado About To Hit The Music Industry.

A Tornado About To Hit The Music Industry.

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South Africa, Carletonville — Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 — Ghetto use style is a reggae/dancehall type of music. It is of modern times but not moving too far from reggae tradition. This album relates to real people with real-life issues in these trying times.

The album was created this year, it has been released and is available at almost all online stores. It is for everyone because it does not focus on a certain age group or kind of people.

“A tornado can blow everything away but this one has come to blow anyone’s taste in music away”. The time each person will take listening to this album will never go wasted.

This work was very hard to create because of the lack of proper equipment. With lots of dedication, the finest quality was finally achieved.

The album is bringing fresh air to all music lovers. Just because it was recorded as reggae it does not mean it is just pure reggae, this is a fusion of African sounds. Time taken to listen or buy is never wasted.

Please give this music a chance, buy, listen, stream it and give your reviews because this is for you.






Deeper Joy was born and raised in Carletonville in a small township called Wedela. He grew up as a normal child until he realized his love of the Rastafarian lifestyle than he decided to follow it. He entered the music industry as an instrumentalist until he found his voice and is now a producer, songwriter, composer, sound engineer, and singer.



Deeper Joy
Delewa Music Production.
5138 Molefe Str, Wedela

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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