A Visceral Ambient-Pop Journey Through the Desert: Emerging Artist Dan Desilets Amazes with New Album

A Visceral Ambient-Pop Journey Through the Desert: Emerging Artist Dan Desilets Amazes with New Album

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Showcasing an immersive journey through splendid use of guitar and instrumentals, Dan Desilets is driven to inspire listeners to follow unknown paths and lose themselves to the enriching vibe of cinematic Pop and Ambient Rock music.


Drummondville, Quebec, Canada – May 3rd, 2021- Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dan Desilets is swiftly rising the ranks, becoming a formidable face in the world of Ambient, Pop, and Rock music styles. Presenting a set of refreshing singles, which are both memorable and soulful, the rising new artist is crafting for himself a unique and peerless musical identity.

Imbuing the genre of Pop music with a sense of relatability, with moving and spellbinding compositions, which narrate stories and pierce through hearts and minds, Dan Desilets is driven to soar. Dominated by a strong and melodious guitar vibe, the growing artist’s ambient music is an invitation for listeners to embark on a journey, fully submerging themselves in a mesmerizing experience.

With the release of his debut EP aptly titled “Heading Out West” on January 8th, 2021, the budding singer-songwriter showcases music which imitates a voyage through the desert, inspired by his trips in the Great West. “Heading Out West” is a gift that keeps on giving, inspiring listeners to stand up against the odds, follow their passions and head out on a road trip, taken by wanderlust. A melodious experience, the EP has a rustic desert vibe, which is enhanced by the use of guitar and instrumentals, weaving together a stunning cinematic and Rock-oriented journey.

With singles such as “Desert Stars” and “The road to Santa Fe”, Dan Desilets pays homage to numerous scenic locations one experiences on a road trip around California, Arizona and the New Mexico region. Inspired and invigorated by the artist’s enriching experiences traversing through travel and trips around the region, “Heading Out West” is an authentic and stunning new EP.

Motivated to continue his music journey through a trilogy, Dan Desilets’ follow-up chapter, Volume II of “Heading Out West” is in its pre-production phases, slated for a release in June 2021.

“Music is food for the soul…Perfect, dreamy and inspiring music for a long, very long road trip.,” says Dan Desilets regarding the release of his inspirational new album.

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Dan Desilets is a passionate father, musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada. Currently situated in Drummondville, the rising artist is involved in composing music for radio and tv, working as a songwriter for numerous up-and-coming artists, while showcasing his skillset as a stunning music producer, sound mixer and master engineer at Sublime Sound Studios, something he has been involved in for more than 20 years.


Name: Dan Desilets
Phone: (819)-472-4242
Email: [email protected]







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