Across The Board – Broken In Time


Across The Board – Broken In Time


Two releases under their belt one being “Jane On Fire” a debut full-length album, while the other being a follow-up EP release titled “Amends”, is quite something for an act like Across The Board or ATB. Why is it quite something well because it isn’t these releases that have it going for them it is one of their songs called “Broken In Time”.

“Broken In Time”, is a song that has come through time, as it sounds a lot like it should belong in the era that was the 60s, 70s, if not maybe 80s at that. It just has that flow to it, sounding a lot like The Go Go’s, Blondie, or perhaps even some Donna Summer for good measure. That is what “Broken In Time:”, sends out when listening to it. You get a chunk of the past thrown into your face like a big bucket of water or maybe even ice water depending on the weather.

In any case though the song is very similar to these past acts, as well as the time noted, because it gives off similar styles of sound. Vocal chords for one are there to really stand out, having the music be in the background working itself in and out if it were. While the song comes together as a whole, really making it work together as everything comes together when the song begins, ends, and repeats itself.

Which is another thing this song tends to do. Repeat itself, which is not bad nor it is good, it is right there in the middle, being on the fence between the two, which is quite nice. It’s a song you can’t find yourself upset with really because it is just so darn interesting and groovy too.

Across The Board on the other hand is a band that may have a few releases tucked away for added effect, but as a band they sound rather drained yet solid. They sound drained because the music is going while the band sounds solid being able to keep up with their own material, which is great for them because it doesn’t let the music fall on itself. Not really sure if any of this is making much sense at all really.

It is like if Across The Board with their song that is “Broken In Time”, had this connection of sorts traveling through time as it were, that just made it all click together so easily, that it became one of those missing puzzle pieces you just could not find on your own. But once found you were so pleased that you jumped for joy, that the piece just fall into place than fall away from the set, hence the music falling on itself part.

All in all though Across The Board’s song “Broken In Time”, is a piece of work that will easily become another hit of the scene, that can draw in music listeners of various genres. If it does not do such a thing then perhaps “Broken In Time”, just was not of this time period for those to enjoy. For it didn’t give off the effect it portrayed making it less fun and outgoing as it was meant to be.


Mindy McCall