Actor Courtney Gains Set To Release Rock EP Journeyman

Actor Courtney Gains Set To Release Rock EP Journeyman

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The 80s acting icon turned musician is thriving in the rock scene

Los Angeles, California – March 15th, 2021 – Courtney Gains’ EP ‘Journeyman,’ a rockin’ soulful compilation of four memorable tunes, is scheduled for release on the 8th of this month. Once listeners plug into this album, they are sure to experience nostalgia because the compilation is nothing short of a ‘blast to the past.’ Heavily influenced by the jazz and blues records his father used to own and the 60s and 70s rock bands his brother was a part of, the EP’s defining sound and lyrics are an ode to this memory of a long-gone time. Produced by Guns n’ Roses’ Matt Sorum and featuring Slash on lead guitar, ‘Journeyman’ can also be defined as an anthem rock powerhouse.

Together with his band The Gathering, the actor turned musician first hit the LA music scene back in the 90s. Back then, they were a part of the coffee house/unplugged scene with very chill, acoustic music of a wide variety. However, from there, Gains’ decided to start his career as a solo musician. From there onward, the musician has had several successes in his music and acting career, as the two have remained intertwined for him to date.

For example, “Been Forgotten,” a soulful R&B ballad, was featured in the indie film “Killer Flick.” Another song, “Johnny Law,” a straight blues tune based on hitting the highway, was used as the end credit song for the same film.

Concerning his music career, Gains’ goal is to record sonically textured sound and encapsulate in his songs raw, unfiltered emotions, many of which stem from personal experiences. Talking about his album ‘Journeyman’ and how he feels about its release, Gains commented, “I’m excited for people to hear ‘Journeyman.’ These four songs cover my wide range of influences from anthem rock to blues to R&B”.

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Courtney Gains is no stranger to success with a singing career more than two decades old and an even older acting career. Continuing the family legacy of making music, the singer has released several songs that have been featured in films. In 2006, Gains’ was the frontman for the band Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness, which later spun off into a rock n roll, anti-technology road comedy film, released in 2009. The same year he also co-created and once again fronted the cruise-grunge band Ripple Street. In recent news, the accomplished actor and musician worked with Bruce Kulick and Doug Blair on an HP Locraftian metal rock opera, “Dreams in the Witch House.”




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