Adam John’s New Album “Run From Love” Consists of Soulful R&B Music that Stire

Adam John’s New Album “Run From Love” Consists of Soulful R&B Music that Stire

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With his stunning grasp over R&B and Modern Soul Music, Adam John is all set to inspire and motivate listeners with relatable, strong and stunning musical compositions that speak to the heart and mind

Hollidaysburg, PENN –January 14th, 2021- Up-and-coming powerhouse, talented songwriter and producer of RnB music, Adam John is surely a force to be reckoned with. Having recently released his latest official album titled “Run From Love”, his burning and powerful messages are set to be felt and understood by everyone.

The album and musical compositions have been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry with an official music video directed by Mikey_2_Clipz along with the DS Creatives production team complementing the music. Chill, mellow, and bearing a smooth, contemporary suavity, “Run from Love” introduces Adam John as one of the most intriguing RnB artists of Q4 2020.

Adam John cites his main artistic influences to be Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and Chris Brown, who have all had a profound impact on his song production, musical composition and generally the messages he proudly relays through his unique R and B music. With an emphasis on subtle beats, flowing groove, and plenty of romantic tension, “Run from Love” by Adam John has a little something for everybody.

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Run from Love,” Adam John’s representation writes: “From soulful heartbreak records, to hard-hitting trap songs, this sonic masterpiece of work portrays it all. Over ’80s synth beats (Meant to Be) (Promises), and high-impact trap/club instrumentals (Gucci Fedora) (Wet Spot), Adam John depicts his story of love, and of life without it.”





Upcoming R and B and soul sensation, Adam John claims that the start in his musical career began with him writing songs in 8th grade.

“Teachers would be teaching lessons and I would be laser focused on a piece of composition paper writing notebooks full of lyrics down,” says Adam John. “I always loved to create and loved it even more when people connected.”

Even earlier, the artist became used to drawing an audience. “When I was nine, I used to stand at the local shopping mall and belt out Jackson 5 songs,” he writes. “People would crowd around me from the entire mall and fill up my hat with money. One time I made a stack doing it. My friends and I went upstairs afterwards, and I bought us all skateboards. I did not do it for the hustle then, it was the thrill. I have always loved to perform and was never concerned about what someone thought about me doing it. My grandfather instilled that in me. I knew I had a gift.” Adam John’s music will be one to watch out for as he is set to inspire and get people to enjoy his sensational tracks.



Name: Adam John

Phone: 814-552-0208

Email: [email protected]






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