Adolescent Theory to Their Own Beat


Adolescent Theory ReviewAdolescent Theory is a band that has their roots buried deep in their influences but they’ve been able to do their own thing. At first just by the title alone I thought “A Fire Inside” was an ode to AFI and would have a somewhat similar sound. However, it sounded nothing like the band Hot Topic shoppers worshiped in the early ’00s. Instead it was a clear cut alternative rock song that reminded me of something in between calmed down Blink 182 and Riddlin’ Kids. With “In The Sky” you have a song that has a very catchy quality to it and it’s well done in terms of construction and delivery. There are three to judge Adolescent Theory on and this may be their best one, but hold on – there’s one more to get to. Last one up on the chopping block is “Whisper of a Broken Heart.” This one has a good story within it but I’m sticking with “In The Sky” being the standout of the trio. All three from Adolescent Theory are good and if you’re into rock that definitely has a little pop punk influence but leans more towards alternative and indie, then Adolescent Theory is for you. Check them out today. (